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High Adventure
Colorado 2002


by Josh M.  Troop Librarian 

         On July 27, 2002 troop 552 went to Colorado for their High Adventure.  The scout who went are David, Sherman, Casey, Scott, Jessie, Josh and Nick.  The adults who attended are Mr. Holland, Mr. Steigerwald, Mr. Scovil, Mr. Beck, Mr. Everit Smith and Mr. James Smith.  Sherman was our Chaplain for the trip.  Our main cooks were Mr. Scovil, Mr. Beck, and Mr. Steigerwald.

        The Hike into camp from the bus was 5.3 miles.  Several people hiked up a mountain nearby our camp.  On The first trip Scott and Nick were the only ones to go. On the second trip Sherman, Nick and Josh went up.  The next day the whole troop hiked Mosca Pass to the sand dunes.  5 of the boys hiked all the way up to the top of the sand dunes.  It took David, Sherman, Scott, Nick, and Josh about 4 hours to make the hike to the top and back.  On the next day several people went to the Rock crusher at the base of Mt. Blanca.  We climbed over a huge natural dam-like structure.  We explored several caves and mines.  We saw a heard of Mountain goats and several other different kind of animals.  

        We didn't get to go on our overnighter this year.  The reason for the was that there were too many bears in the area and wandering into camp.  We saw several bears and another troop helped catch one.  We almost left early because of the bear problem.  On the first night there we slept on the bus, because a bear walked into camp during dinner.   But we stuck it out and got home on schedule and we are all fine.

For More pictures of our trip Click on the link below:
Colorado 2002

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