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get this gear!

get this gear!  


    Please view the Recaps of different Monthly Camp outs, Summer camps, and High-Adventures.

Below is the equipment each boy needs for Monthly camp outs:

  1. Sleeping bag or Blankets
  2. Flashlight with extra Batteries
  3. 2-3 changes of clothing
  4. 3 pairs of socks (wool during winter months)
  5. Boots and 1 pair of shoes
  6. Hat
  7. Gloves and Stocking Cap (winter)
  8. Light Jacket
  9. Heavy Jacket (winter)
  10. Poncho
  11. Personal Toiletries
  12. Bug spray (summer)
  13. Sun Screen (All year)
  14. BSA approved Pocket knife
  15. Scout book
  16. Plastic drinking mug with handle (No Glass)
  17. Compass
  18. Pen or Pencil and Paper
  19. Pair of Work Gloves
  20. Pillow

List of Prohibited Items:

  1. Electronic Devices (Headphones, Portable TVs and Stereos, Gameboys, Etc.)
  2. Fixed Blade Knifes





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