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May campout.

Our may campout took us to one of our most favorite camping properties. The property is owned by Markes Family Farms, friends of the scout master. The Markes' allow us to camp on approximately 80 acres of pasture land which contains plenty of trees, grass, wildlife, and a very wet creek. On this campout, we learned how to put our lashings to work. We built a rope bridge across a ravine. The bridge was approximately 20 feet long and around 4 foot tall. All the scouts (even the scout masters) help in constructing the bridge. The scoutmasters would ask us questions, such as, "Which knot do you use?", "How do we get to the other side of the ravine?", "How do we anchor the bridge?" We built an awesome bridge which lasted the entire weekend. We didn't want to take it down. Next, we were off on a compass course. We learned about judging the heights of various landmarks and find our way using a compass. On our trek, we came across a large rat snake, saw jillions of pond frogs, saw a huge and very fast lake turtle (it really smell too). We saw deer tracks and came across some cattle. The best part was the snipe hunting. We didn't actually see them, but we could see the tall grass moving as they were coming towards our traps. One older scout caught one, but it got away when he tried to show the younger scouts. We were then allowed free time. As you can guess, most of the time was spent in and around the creek. We also played our scout masters in a game of horse shoes. We had a very successful camp out and learned plenty. We can't wait for our next trip.


June camp out.

We planned our High Adventure trip for late June. Unfortunately, we had to postpone our campout due to the fires and fire ban in Colorado. We normally camp in South Central Colorado for high adventure. The troop decided not to camp on June and move our high adventure to the end of July, early August.


July camp out.

Summer Camp 2002. We attended summer camp at Camp Tom Hale, a camp in the Indian Nations Council. We took 8 scouts and 4 adults. This was our troops fourth time to visit Tom Hale. It was a first for most of us. For most of us, this was our first Summer Camp. We really didn't know what to expect. Our scout masters kept telling us we would have fun and learn allot. They were right, we had a great time. We shared our campsite with Troop 2 out of Arkansas. They were really great people. We plan to share our camp site with them next year as well. We attempted a total of 37 merit badges. We completed 36 while at summer camp. The one lone merit badge was then completed within the next few weeks at our regular scout meetings. The scout masters were very pleased with our performance and attitudes at summer camp. We are looking forward to next years activities and merit badges. You can find pictures at other locations on our web site.

July/August High Adventure.

We trucked to Colorado and camped in the Rocky Mountains for a week. This year was unusual to say the least. We have always heard there were bears and other wildlife in the mountains, but never saw any. This year was different. Our first night in camp, we had a bear visit and beg for dinner. We ran him off, even though he was reluctant to leave. This was just the beginning of our bear visitors. During the week, we had Antelope follow us, saw a flock of wild turkey's, walked up on a heard of long horned sheep. We saw a momma bear and her cub playing down in a creek. We found an old abandoned gold mine and went in (with our scout master in the lead) for about 100 feet. Our scout master began to get a little spooked, so we left the mine. Next year, we will have the proper equipment needed to go deeper into the mine. This was an awesome camp, even though we didn't get to build a fire. We had plenty of hot chocolate to keep us warn at night and first thing in the morning. Look for pictures under the picture tab.


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